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  About The School  

Our Mission

As a part of the Humboldt City Schools, it is our mission at Stigall Primary School to provide a world class foundation for all students to be successful as they begin of their educational journey. We take pride in equipping students with the tools necessary to be lifelong learners and contributors to an ever changing global society. 

What We Teach?

Times have changed and students are required to learn more and a faster, more rigorous pace. Stigall Primary School follows the Tennessee Academic Standards for all courses in all schools. Tennessee’s curriculum standards were revised in 2008 and are considered among the most rigorous in the nation. At a minimum, the standards must be reviewed every six years in accordance with State Board policy 3.209. The four content areas (math, English language arts, social studies, and science) have recently moved through the revision process.  For more information regarding standards revision please visit Tennessee Department of Education Standards Review online. If you have any questions about our curriculum please contact Tiffany Purnell or Debbie Sheehan, 731-784-2825.