School Hours
School Hours
Take In Time:
7:30 AM
Dismissal Time:
2:50 PM
Main Telephone Line:

After School Care
After School Care is provide through the Boys and Girls Club or at East Elementary.
Additional Notes
Absentees / Tardiness of Students • Our computer system for reporting attendance is called PowerSchool. • By 8:15AM each morning, each homeroom teacher will log on to PowerSchool to report attendance. However, just for the first week of school we will ask teachers to report attendance on paper (until we make sure the system is working appropriately). • After teachers report attendance, office staff will mark each absence as excused or unexcused based on the following: o Excused reasons include illness of the student, death in family, recognized religious holidays for persons of that faith, or any other reason at approval of the principal. o A student MUST have either a parent excuse (this can be a phone call or note) or a note from a doctor, funeral home, or other valid organization to be excused. Parent phone calls should be made the day of the absence between the hours of 7:30-9AM. o A student can only have 5 parent excuses, and then they must start producing notes from a doctor, funeral home, or other valid organization. o Students must return excuse notes no later than 2 days after their return. • Office staff will try to contact the parent or guardian of a child if the child is absent and a parent phone call has not been received by 9AM. This should be done on a daily basis and a written log kept of call attempts. • Teachers should not go back in PowerSchool to change the student’s attendance after they have submitted attendance. If a mistake is made, inform office staff so they can make changes. • The “No Show List” is the list of students who are absent the first 10 days of school with no excuse or parent contact. This is different from the absentee list. Each day for the first 10 days, write down the names of students you have not seen up to that date. • Discipline events must match a student’s attendance. The person entering discipline and the attendance clerk must maintain communication. • Daily sign-in and sign-out sheets will be kept in the office. Office staff will take care of attendance reporting on students leaving early or coming in after teacher attendance has been submitted. • No child will be allowed to check out after 2:00. • DO NOT HOLD BREAKFAST FOR LATE STUDENTS. If a child is late and needs breakfast send them to the cafeteria. Tardies A student entering after 8AM is considered tardy. Tardies are excused or unexcused as determined by office staff. For the purpose of citing students to the Gibson County Juvenile Court Truancy Board only, 3 unexcused tardies will count for 1 unexcused absence.