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Welcome to Ms. Brandi and Mrs. Mattie's Prek Class



 My name is Ms. Brandi, and I will be one of your child's teachers this year (2018-2019). I have taught at Stigall Primary for over nine years, and I am beginning my tenth. I am a very devoted, caring, passionate, and hard working teacher. I want every student to excel in their educational journey. It is my goal, as a teacher, to push students beyond what they think they can do. Teaching isn't a job to is a gift that I truly value. I want every student, that walks through my door, to know I am here to help them succeed in whatever they want to do. No dream is unreachable!!! Your child and I are extremely lucky, because we have an excellent addition to our classroom. Mrs. Mattie Perry is very passionate about students, too! Therefore, your child will be in excellent hands this year!

 Here at Stigall, we believe that a good parent-teacher relationship is necessary for maximum school success. Therefore, the goal is to create a partnership with each parent and/or guardian. Throughout the year, I will be communicating with you through notes, telephone calls, progress reports, and parent-teacher conferences. I like to encourage parents to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. You can call or text me at 731-414-2931 or reach me at Stigall Primary School (731-784-2825), send a note, or an email to:



Ms. Brandi and Mrs. Mattie